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Müllner Hof Schwarzach

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" Wir sind mit dem Swingeat sehr zufrieden, hinsichtlich Verarbeitung, Lieferung und
Aufstellung. Für unsere Gäste ist es erst einmal ein „Hingucker“ und dann ein gemütlicher
Sitz beim Kaffee trinken. Der Swingeat ist bei Kindern und Erwachsenen gleich beliebt. "

Am Eisenhammer 92548 Schwarzach


Gasthaus Simon

"... with your garden seating sets we have a lot of success and are very satisfied with them. Both your garden sets are in the guest garden and we have already passed many visitors your address."


Gast - und Gästehaus Simon
Norbert Simon


Restaurant Mustek Prague

The original solution of our restaurant's front garden by placing swings proved to be an excellent marketing move.

Guests can not only eat well, but the swings have become an important recognition sign. Often in the summer months happens that people impatiently wait when the swings free up to them to be able to sit and eat, or at least take a picture.

After several seasons that we have them in front of our restaurant and despite of a large workload the swings are running smoothly and error-free.


Petr Petera, restaurant manager



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